Hello! So I'm Bailey and this is my art. I'm studying Industrial Design at Auburn University, but I'm from Texas.This is where I post my doodles. Stay tuned.


399. Cammie and Zach try to reply normalcy to their life together, even though they’re constantly off on different assignments. Therefore, they begin a tradition. Every year, on the date that they can see each other which is closest to their anniversary, they dress in sweats, eat junk food, and watch movies that are about spies. For one day a year, they let themselves detach from the world that was chosen for them and observe it through a casual, humorous lens.

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Hey guys I made some avatars of the PJO characters! Inspired by minuiko's minimalist pjo colour palettes which are amazing! Hopefully I did it right and everything outside the circles are transparent. If any of you want to use them as avatars please message me because I'd love to know!!

Edit: Some people are confused but the girl with the coral background is Calypso :)