Hello! So I'm Bailey and this is my art. I'm studying Industrial Design at Auburn University, but I'm from Texas.This is where I post my doodles. Stay tuned.
Okay: when I read in bed, I talk to the characters (when they do something stupid or brave or... Basically it's a reaction from me). And each book/ character gets a different part of my room that I look at when I talk to them. Ex: Gallagher girls: middle PJO/ HOO: middle left Maze rubber: middle right And so on. What is your strange thing?

I totally have to agree with you about talking to the characters, I have like a running dialogue the whole book. Hmm, I guess my strange thing would have to be that I highlight way too much. Things I find inspiring, true, or things I want to draw later. Both on my kindle and in my print books, so people probably cringe hearing that but then when you give it to people to read they get a little glimpse at your favorite parts. Thanks for that awesome question!