Hello! So I'm Bailey and this is my art. I'm studying Industrial Design at Auburn University, but I'm from Texas.This is where I post my doodles. Stay tuned.
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Name: Laura Tarver 

Tumblr URL: razuberri

Position: Actress (“Lily”)

Qualifications: some formal acting classes/lessons and a life long passion for theater and directing & acting in a few short students films, not to mention I’m a die hard harry potter fan~ although I feel vastly under qualified when compared to the rest of the /amazing/ cast & crew 

House: Gryffindor ayyyye

Fandoms: oh boy strap in for this one- Harry Potter obvi, Games of Thrones, Doctor Who, Elementary, Hannibal, Community, Adventure Time, MARVEL, Batman & the batfam, Teen Wolf, LOTR, ATLA, Zelda, Pokemon, FMA, kuragehime, Firefly, SNK, books in general, kuroko no basuke, etc etc , most things tbh lets be honest I’m a huge nerd.

Hobbies: Acting, writing, procrastinating, drawing poorly, photography, playing sports poorly, marathoning new shows, running my terrible tumblr blog [check razuberri.tumblr.com if you’re into bad blogs], road tripping w/ friends, and spending an ungodly amount of time on the internet.

What are you most looking forward to in the film: oh golly, is everything an ok answer? Because everything about the marauders excites me and I cannot wait to help portray them in their prime with the previously mentioned fantastic cast & crew! Plus, I’m going to be ~Lily Evans~ this an absolute dream come true! I just can’t wait to bring joy to all the fans who support this project!

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Are you ever going to let you readers know who you killed off in United We Spy but decided not to in the end?


I suppose I can now tell you that in the early versions of UNITED WE SPY in which Preston died. And he died bloody.

Perhaps some day I will talk about it more—explain the whole subplot that led to that and why I decided that it wasn’t the correct ending for the series.

Basically, my brilliant editor read the book and, like me, felt like something was…off. We decided that the ending should be Cam and crew facing off against the series’s ultimate villain: Catherine. So I made this massive change at the 11th hour, and it was absolutely, 100% the right call.

Because editors are brilliant, and authors are smart to always at least consider what they have to say.

So…yeah. Preston DID die. But then he didn’t.